Colombia in Fuerzas Comando 2017

The team consisting of eight Commandoes, represents the elite of the Colombian Military Forces and in four days of tests, this group does not leave the podium.

Since July 17, in Paraguay, host country of the version 13th of Fuerzas Comando, Colombia has won eight times, the 2017 version has had good results for the Commandoes of Colombia.

During the first day, Commandoes of Colombia, winners of Fuerzas Comando 2016, returned the trophy to Brigade General Héctor Limenza of the Paraguayan Army during the Ceremony of Inauguration of Fuerzas Comando 2017 and at the end of the competitions, Colombia was in eighth place with 165 points.

The second day of competition for the Colombian Commandoes was fruitful, they went from the eighth place to the third with 520 points, Mexico was leading with 575 points.

At the end of the third day of competition, Colombia was in second place with 1270 to only 10 points of the first place, headed this time by United States.

On the fourth day, Colombia was in the first place of the competition, displacing the United States to the second place. Our Commandoes reached 1470 points.

The fifth day of competition, Colombia still keeps leading the group with 1985 points, beating the United States by 10 points.

During the sixth day, the Colombian Commandoes and the United States Commandoes are tied for the first place with 2365 points, while the Commandoes of Honduras strengthened the third position

We hope this team of Commandoes continues to have excellent results and bring back the trophy and get their ninth championship.


It is a pride to belong to the Colombian Military Forces and to have the soldiers
Of America’s best trained and trained land, sea, and air

Participating Teams of Forces Command are specialized elite units
In Counter Terrorism