Nuestra Institución

The General Command of the Military Forces is the highest level of planning and strategic direction for the country’s military institutions. Under its aegis and lighthouse are the National Army of Colombia, the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian Air Force.

From its dependencies emanates the guidelines and the policies of command for the soldiers of land, of sea and of air, in strict and complete fulfillment of the mission anticipated in the article 217 of our National Constitution.

“The Military Forces will have as a primary purpose the defense of sovereignty, independence, integrity of the national territory and of the constitutional order”, states in one of its sections our Magna Carta by making specific reference to the role of Colombian armed institutions.

“To defend the sovereignty, independence, integrity of the national territory and the validity of the constitutional order, to contribute to the security of the population, its resources and the Social State of Law.”

“The Military Forces of 2030, within the framework of legal regulations, will be an integrated institution, with men and women, trained, trained and up-to-date, strengthened in joint, coordinated, combined and interagency work.Modern equipment and technology, With dissuasive, interoperable and successful capabilities in more than one scenario simultaneously, contributing with their capabilities to the nation’s growth and being regional and international benchmarks in the maintenance of global peace. “

It is necessary to distinguish between the concept of principles and values: The principles refer to the essence of what we are; That of which the soldier is made, reason for his existence, nothing and no one can modify his apostolate: These are permanent columns of behavior and represent the legitimate force of the State. They are not a simple recipe, but the backbone in which it sustains the ethic of the military.

Respect for the Constitution and Law
Accept and apply the Constitution, our mission is to defend and respect it.

Respect for Human Rights and compliance with International Humanitarian Law
All our actions are governed by the respect and compliance of the norms and precepts that govern Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

Ethics in all performances
Military behavior is characterized by the exercise of morals, accompanied by military values ​​and virtues.

Essential condition for the existence of military force. To command and to obey within the attributions of the superior and the obligations of the subordinate.

Military honor
Obligation that the military man always has to act in a straight and irreproachable way. To assume with pride and respect the military investiture.

Decision, motivation, desire and responsibility to act according to the national oath. Decision to satisfy the needs of the community in the purposes that the Constitution and the Law entrusts to us.

Set of beliefs built collectively. They give direction to the behaviors especially in times of tension and crisis, assuring acceptable behaviors in a collective way and affirming what can not be modified despite the change of circumstance.

Deep consideration by all the people and their dignity, the companions, superiors, subalternos, by oneself and the family.

Give each one what corresponds, for their merits and actions.

It is to be faithful and sure with the country, with the Institution, with the fulfillment of the law, with the superiors, with the companions, subalternos and with the mission.

Assume and accept the consequences of our free and conscious acts.

A potential part of the virtue of justice is to say what is really thought in accordance with the way of acting and allows to sustain a fact or an event.

Sacrifice that is born of one’s own will, in the sense of renouncing oneself and personal interests for the interests of the Fatherland.

Judgment and Prudence
Practical wisdom to execute and make wise decisions in different situations. Faculty of the soul that allows to distinguish between good and evil or between true and false, compare to issue criteria.

Act with rectitude, decency, decorum, composure, honesty and integrity according to our conscience.

Attitude and permanent habit, without interruption, persistence, tenacity and perseverance to obtain the objectives.

Respond with humanitarian actions, in situations that endanger the life, peace, order and security of the population.

Courage and daring to face the challenges and challenges that the mission imposes, to recognize the mistakes and to decide to rectify.

Similarly we must attend to the philosophy identified by the President of the Republic, Doctor Juan Manuel Santos.