Cerca de tres toneladas de drogas ilícitas fueron incautadas en Chocó y Valle del Cauca


The Colombian Navy, in maritime and river operations carried out against drug trafficking organizations in the departments of Chocó and Valle del Cauca, prevented the trafficking of 2,989 kilograms of illicit drugs to Central American countries. With this heavy operation, troops prevented more than 82 million dollars from entering the finances of the dissident groups of the FARC and the Clan del Golfo.


The first find was reported in the North Pacific, near the border with Panama, when Units of the Bahía Solano Coast Guard Station and a Ship of the Pacific Surface Flotilla detected a speedboat manned by three individuals, which was traveling suspiciously heading towards the coasts of the border country. Immediately, a maritime interception operation was launched that culminated in the arrest of the motor ship 80 nautical miles from Bahía Solano - Chocó, in which 27 sacks with 662 kilograms of marijuana and 01 kilogram of cocaine, belonging to the Pacific Substructure of the Organized Armed Group  GAO Clan del Golfo, were found by troops.


Simultaneously, in the Bocas de Chamuscado sector, rural area of Buenaventura - Valle del Cauca, troops of the Navy Infantry Brigade No.2 carried out the interception of two ships during security and river control operations. Inside the motor ships that had been abandoned by the individuals who crewed them when they noticed the presence of the navy men, 845 kilograms of cocaine were found by troops, in the modalities of sacks and double bottom.


In the same way, in the maritime area of Buenaventura – Valle del Cauca, Coast Guard Units carried out two maritime interception operations, preventing the traffic of 1,481 kilograms of cocaine. The first blow was reported during an inspection and safety procedure at sea, carried out on a boat manned by three individuals who simulated being on fishing duties, in this a shipment of 498 kilograms of cocaine hidden in ice and fish was found. During the search, two 9 mm pistols with their magazines and ammunition were in the same way detected. The second search was carried out when the Units detected another speedboat manned by three people, carrying several bags irregularly. The motor ship, which ignored the calls made by the members of the Colombian Navy, was arrested after several minutes of pursuit, finding inside 49 sacks with pressed packages containing 983 kilograms of cocaine.


According to intelligence information, these drug shipments found in Buenaventura, belonged to the finance group of the dissident group of the FARC, Sixth Structure Jaime Martinez and would be destined for the coasts of Central America.


During   the entire operation, nine individuals were captured and put into custody of the Attorney General's Office, in the same way, officials of the Technical Investigation Corps conducted the Approved Identification Test (PIPH) certifying the type of substances found.


It is estimated that with these results the Colombian Navy prevented the circulation and consumption of more than 5,900,000 doses of cocaine and marijuana on the streets of the world, which is why the criminal and financial operations of these criminal structures are hit.


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