Acción contra el microtráfico permite la incautación de ocho kilos de marihuana

The individuals traveled on a motorcycle carrying the hallucinogen.


They omitted the stop sign and undertook the escape, however, the rapid reaction of the troops of the Special Energy and Road Battalion No.12 of the Ninth Brigade led to the capture of two men who carried approximately eight kilos of marihuana.


The operation was carried out in the sector of Puerto Seco on the road that goes from Tesalia to the municipality of Hobo, where the military unit had installed a checkpoint, indicating the stop sign to the couple of motorcyclists who were captured after the military pursuit.


The individuals identified as José Daniel Cerquera, 23, and Gustavo Redín Téllez, 36, once captured and aware of their rights, were put into custody of the authority and hours later they were held in a prison for the crime of traffic, manufacture and carrying of narcotics.


With the result, approximately 16,000 thousand doses of marijuana can be taken out of circulation, neutralizing the impact on health and public safety.


Source: Ninth Brigade -  National Army

Monday, January 13, 2020 By merybra