Fuerza Aérea entrega mercados y agua a familias damnificadas por el invierno en Villavicencio

Soldiers of the Colombian Air Force were received with tears of joy. They arrived at one of the sectors hit by natural emergencies, caused by the sudden overflow of the rivers in the city of Villavicencio, to distribute donations to vulnerable people.


After a food collection campaign carried out in the No. 2 Air Combat Command, the Comprehensive Action department decided to gather elements of the family basket, water and food for dogs and birds with which food baskets were organized and taken to the Montecarlos village to benefit the families and the animals that live there.


Eight families hit in this sector by the overflow of the Ocoa River, within which there are both minors and older adults, thanked effusively for the support to their community, since some of those who reside in the place, lost absolutely everything.


Jorge López, a senior citizen, severely hit by the flood when he lost his house and all his assets, without losing hope, recounts the anguish he experienced when he felt that the water level rose to near his neck and expressed his infinite gratitude for the food baskets that the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers brought to his family and people in these difficult times they are going through.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 By merybra