En Arauca se recuperaron 230 cabezas de ganado, avaluadas en 270 millones de pesos

The coordination of the National Army and the Civic Participation Network has left important results against crimes such as the theft of farm animals.


In Military Operations carried out in the department of Arauca led by the Quirón Task Force, a Military Unit of the Eighth Division, there are new results that continue to counteract the criminal operations of organized armed groups, safeguarding the economy of the Llanera (Plains) region.


In this effective military operation, carried out in the Caracol village of the municipality of Arauca, units of Artillery Battalion No.18 'General José María Mantilla', of the Eighth Brigade, conducted a wide operation that led to finding and returning to their owner in less than twelve hours 230 heads of cattle; they would cost more than 270 million pesos and had been stolen.


Source: Eighteenth Brigade - National Army

Friday, December 6, 2019 By merybra