cogfm-En Arauca, Ejército Nacional es custodio del medio ambiente

In the frame of its commitment to preserve natural wealth, the Quirón Task Force through the Eighteenth Brigade and Land Operations Battalions, in the seven Araucan municipalities, Cubará in Boyacá and the municipalities of Samoré and Gibraltar in Toledo, in the department of Norte de Santander, it has implemented a series of strategies to reach communities in different environments in a creative way, carrying out pedagogy and generating collective awareness on issues such as deforestation, the importance of recovering the tropical rainforest and the prosecution of those behind environmental crimes. The aforementioned is framed in the Operation "Artemisa" of the National Government to be executed in the territories through the Military Forces.


Fulfilling this, during 2019 efforts have been unified with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Orinoquía, Corporinoquia, achieving the cleaning of wetlands, decontamination of water basins and the planting of 1,670 native trees in parks, neighborhoods and within the military bases, where children, young people and adults participate learning the culture of ecosystem protection.


These activities, which are complemented by Schools and public and private companies, gradually become a trend in this area of ​​the country, and the men and women of the Quirón Task Force will continue to arrive with their messages to the entire population on the defense of fauna and flora, as custodians of the environment.


Source: Colombian National Army

Sunday, November 3, 2019 By Sylvia