This individual had been in the organization for three years and was in charge, among other crimes, of drug trafficking and homicide in San Pablo, in the department of Bolívar.


In the Operation 'Horus', troops of the 'Nueva Granada' Battalion of the Fifth Brigade, of the Second Division, in coordination with the Magdalena Medio Police, capture alias 'Ponche', presumed leader of the Organized Criminal Group, GDO in Spanish, 'Los Independientes'.


The action occurred in the urban area of ​​the municipality of San Pablo, south of the department of Bolívar, where after intelligence work, the troops find this individual, wanted by the authorities for the crimes of aggravated conspiracy to commit crimes, manufacture, trafficking, possession of firearms and aggravated homicide.


Alias ​​'Ponche', 40, apparently had been in the organization for three years and was in charge of supplying all the traffic and micro-trafficking of narcotics to the sellers, in the urban area of ​​the municipality of San Pablo. He also coordinated the arrival of materials for distribution in the area.


The man would have created in 2016 the aforementioned structure with vending groups of hallucinogens that committed crimes in the municipality. In 2017, he got the control over the purchase of coca base paste that was produced in different districts of the municipalities of San Pablo, southern part of Santa Rosa and Simití.


In 2018, he allegedly created criminal alliances with illegal organizations to control, apparently through hired killers, the distribution and consumption of narcotics trafficking in the municipality of San Pablo. Currently he would be in control through intimidation of all trafficking and micro-trafficking of narcotics in the municipality of San Pablo.


With this capture, an important impact on the security of the region is achieved, because this man was the one in charge of ordering and coordinating homicides and drug trafficking. The capacity of coordination of these structures is also damaged in the region.


Source: Fifth Brigade of the National Army

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