Ejército y Policía Huila logran captura por porte de armas y neutralizan 'cilindro bomba'

As part of the operations conducted in Algeciras, in Huila, whose purpose is to strengthen security conditions and ensure the tranquility of its inhabitants, the Ninth Brigade through the troops of the High Mountain Battalion No.9 with the judicial accompaniment of Police and Prosecutor's Office, managed to capture a man for illegal carrying of weapons and the neutralization of an explosive device of medium destruction power.


The first operation was reported in the sector known as Tres Esquinas on the road that connects the municipality of Algeciras with Campoalegre, in Huila; there, after the stop sign, a truck stoped and a search was made for both the vehicle and the driver.


In a bag that was worn on his body, Javier Rojas had a pistol, a metal magazine with seven nine-millimeter cartridges and a knife. Upon being investigated to know about his permission to have a firearm, he said he did not have permission for possession, so he knew his rights and was captured for the crime of trafficking, manufacture and illegal carrying of firearms and ammunition.


"Gas Cylinder with explosives"


The operations are concentrated both in the urban area and in the rural area. On Las Damitas village, the military unit achieved the discovery of an explosive device ‘gas cylinder’ with which illegal structures intended to attack on the Security forces.


It is a 20-pound gas cylinder loaded with 10 kilos of anfo, 30 meters of two wire cable, detonating cord and electric detonator.


The deadly trap, prohibited in the protocols of International Humanitarian Law, would be used to stop the operations of the troops that are permanent in this area of ​​the department of Huila.


The explosive device was neutralized under controlled conditions by the Exde team of the military unit, mitigating the risk posed to the peasant population by the presence of these illegal weapons of war.


Source: Ninth Brigade

Saturday, January 18, 2020 By catalina