As part of the operations executed in the program Fe in Colombia - I am Santander, The New Granada Battalion of the Fifth Brigade, Organic of the Second Division, worked on the adaptation and installation of a playground that will benefit 100 children in the village La Cristalina , in the municipality of Puerto Wilches, in the department of Santander.


Thanks to the management carried out by the Leadership Training Center (CLEF in Spanish), in Bucaramanga, the structure of the park was obtained and in two days, soldiers of this unit installed and made the corresponding adjustments to this new playground , under the guidelines of trained personnel.


This recreational space benefits approximately 100 children of this community, where the criminal interferences and the low quality of life of the young people were the main factors that motivated to carry out this project.


With operations like this, the National Army contributes to generate spaces for the development and recreation of minors to prevent they become victims of recruitment by illegal groups and contribute to their formation and growth through the use of their free time in recreational activities.


Source: Fifth Brigade of the National Army

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 By merybra