Ejército captura a alias El Indio Amansador, cabecilla del GAO-residual Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz

Alias ​​the Indio Amansador is accused of being the brain and perpetrator of the massacre of the indigenous governor Mrs. Cristina Bautista, in 2019, in the municipality of Tacueyó, municipality of Toribío, in the department of Cauca.


In Guásimo, municipality of Caloto, in Cauca, through their own intelligence activities, troops of the Specific Command of Cauca, of the Third Division of the National Army, in a joint operation with the Colombian Air Force and coordinated with the National Police, the capture of Indio Amansador, was possible. He would be ringleader and coordinator of terrorist operations of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r, Sixth Structure Dagoberto Ramos Ortiz.


The captured would be responsible for the damage to the sugar cane sector, the mastermind of the kidnapping of two foreign citizens, of Swiss and Brazilian nationalities, who were rescued by the National Army a few days ago. He would in the same way be responsible for the car bomb detonated against the Police Station in Santander del Quilichao. In the same way, he is accused of perpetrating massacres of social, indigenous and peasant leaders in northern Cauca.


During the military operation, four more members of this criminal structure were in the same way captured, a minor was recovered who being slightly injured, was taken care by the combat nurses who gave first aid, respecting his life and physical good condition, always being guarantors of human rights and international humanitarian law.


According to information provided by the Security forces, it was learned that this individual had made threats against those who had been members of the extinct guerrilla group Farc, who are part of the Territorial Training and Reintegration Area ​​Monterredondo.


Troops found four pistols, a fragmentation grenade and various communications equipment. Those captured and the war material were put into custody of the authorities for their judicial process, while the minor will be handed over to the Colombian Institute of Family Wellbeing, ICBF, for the restoration of his rights.


Source: National Army News Agency

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 By merybra