The individual, Edward Fabián Zambrano, alias 'Cambumber', was being wanted by justice for crimes of rebellion, kidnapping and homicide.


The success of the operation is the product of an effective process of military intelligence and troops work in the area. His judicial process was carried out in coordination with the Attorney General's Office.


Troops of the Eighth Division, through the Quiron Task Force, dealt a new and resounding blow to the so called Battalion Heroes y Martires of the ELN's Eastern Front in the department of Arauca, capturing the alleged ringleader of the company “Los Tropos” who committed crimes in this part of the country.


Edward Fabián Zambrano, alias 'Cambumber', of the so called company 'Elasio Barón' better known as 'Los Tropos', a terrorist group considered as the special forces of the ELN, had been designated to carry out terrorist operations against the civilian population, critical infrastructure of the State and the Security forces, in the departments of Arauca, Norte de Santander and Boyacá.


Alias 'Cambumber', according to the information, had been in the criminal organization for 13 years. He started as a member of the terrorist support network and in this way he became the head of the network of hired assassins and head of different companies. He was in charge of coordinating crimes in the urban area of ​​Saravena, and also presumably responsible for several attacks against the civilian population and the Security forces.


He would be also responsible for the murder of 11 soldiers in the village of Chitagá, in the department of Norte de Santander in 2013, where a non-commissioned officer was in the same way kidnapped, the killing of 11 soldiers and a police officer in Güicán, in the department of Boyacá, in 2015, the execution of the “pistol” plan against members of the Security forces where they murdered a police patrol man in Fortul and as well as two soldiers in the village of La Pava, in Saravena, the execution of attacks on the department's energy and road infrastructure and the targeting of hired assassinations against the civilian population.


The military operation that achieved this important capture was carried out by the Ground Operations Battalion No.29 in the hamlet known as Puerto Nidia, in the municipality of Fortul, in coordination with the Attorney General's Office.


The individual, who was wanted by an arrest warrant for the crimes of rebellion, kidnapping and homicide, was put into custody of the authorities to carry out the respective judicial process, while the military units continue to execute operations in their responsibility zone, with the purpose of systematically destabilize the organized armed group Eln and thwarting its criminal plans.


Source: National Army

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