Ejército realizó apoyo humanitario para proteger la vida de un reincorporado y su familia

Troops of the National Army, in coordination with the Police, transferred the former combatant to the former Territorial Space of Santa Lucia, in Ituango. These humanitarian operations seek to guarantee life and safeguard the good physical condition of Colombians.


Troops of the National Army, in development of the Aquiles Military and Police Campaign, with the support of the National Police and in response to early warning No. 002 of 2019, thanks to information from the Civic Participation Network, heeded the call of Help from a person who had rejoined civilian life, and who was receiving threats against his physical condition and that of his family.


This person was staying in a farm with his family, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Valdivia, Antioquia, and would be receiving constant intimidation from members of the Los Caparros Organized Armed Group, who warned him that if he did not leave his house soon, they would attack him and their loved ones, including two minors.


Upon receiving this threat, they went to the Security forces to express the situation. Subsequently, the established protocols were activated, and the evacuation and extraction of these people were carried out by air, towards the old Territorial Area in Ituango, where the lives of these six people will be guaranteed. They were handed over to officials of the National Protection Unit becaue they are guarantors of human rights in the frame of the Peace Agreement.


Source: National Army - News Agency

Friday, May 29, 2020 By merybra