Ejército cierra primer semestre de 2019 con importantes logros contra la criminalidad en Caquetá

Army closes first semester of 2019 with important achievements against crime in the department of Caquetá

The operations effort has focused on the fight against drug trafficking, organized armed groups and environmental crimes.


The Twelfth Brigade of the National Army in development of the Heroes of Freedom Bicentenary Campaign Plan, in order to guarantee the institutional control of the territory, as well as the protection of State assets and its resources, has given heavy results against the factors of security instability in its area of ​​responsibility in the department of Caquetá during 2019.


Among the main operations in the framework of the Operation Inocencio Chincá against drug trafficking, 22 laboratories of coca base have been destroyed in which 2,950 gallons of liquid precursors and 2,159 kilos of solid precursors have been found.


In the same way, 869 hectares of coca plantations have been eradicated and through checkpoints, search warrants have been made effective. So, troops have found 250 kilos of marijuana, 97 kilos of coca base, 27 kilos of cocaine and have captured 16 people for drug trafficking.


In execution of Operation “Artemisa”, in order to attack on environmental crimes, the troops confiscated 104 cubic meters of wood, a dredge used in the extraction of gold was destroyed, 442 farm animals were immobilized and three people were captured.


Regarding residual organized armed groups, 6,981 ammunition, 28 short-range weapons, three long-range weapons and three support weapons have been found; 32 improvised explosive devices and 14 antipersonnel mines have been destroyed. In the same way, four minors have been recovered and 39 members of these structures have been captured.


Source: National Army

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 By merybra