Tropas del Ejército Nacional  ubicaron un vehículo de servicio público en el cual, tres sujetos intentaban movilizar explosivos pertenecientes al Eln

Troops of the National Army found a vehicle of collective transport of passengers in which, three individuals tried to cover explosives belonging to the ELN

With information of the civic participation network, this criminal intention was neutralized. In the incident three individuals were captured in the south east of in the department of Chocó.


Thanks to the operation conducted by the National Army to guarantee the security and defense of the inhabitants of San José del Palmar and in response to the recommendations made by the Ombudsman's Office in the Early Warning 066 of 2018, troops of the Military and Police Campaign Titan, found a vehicle of collective transport of passengers in which, three individuals tried to go with explosives belonging to the Eln.


This happened in the municipality of La Italia, in the south east of the department of Chocó, where the authorities, after an inspection of a bus, at a checkpoint, observed a hidden cardboard box. When they open it, they find five explosive devices ready to be used and in the same way a firearm.


The military, in accordance with the institutional policies of respect for Human Rights, captured the three individuals in the presence of the representative of the municipality of San José del Palmar. Later they were taken and put into custody of the authorities.


According to what has been established, the criminals would have the intention to carry out terrorist operations against the civilian population and the security forces in that area of ​​the south east of Chocó.


Thanks to the opportune action of the National Army it was possible to prevent the use of this explosive materiel against the population, guaranteeing the tranquility and protection of the inhabitants of the region.


Source: National Army

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