Ejército hace un relevo generacional para proteger los frailejones en Caldas

With a meaningful act, on the hill Cerro Guali, the soldiers who serve the nation, received the frailejones as a sign of the responsibility to protect the life of the páramo. In order to commemorate the Water Day, the Eighth Brigade of the Army, met at the Guali military base, together with the departmental authorities and the community.


The Secretary of Government of Caldas and Villamaría, the secretary of environment of Caldas, delegates of the SENA and Corpocaldas, children of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario school, Aspar headquarters, Laguna Negra Nevado del Ruiz and neighboring people of the páramo arrived at the place, with the aim of projecting and coordinating operations conducted by institutions and communities, for the conservation and protection of the páramo and the department of Caldas biodiversity.


Within the activity, soldier Franklin Neira, who has been serving Colombia with a military vocation for 19 years and has worked tirelessly on the pilot project of germination and reproduction of the frailejones in Caldas for six years of his military career, urged the new women soldiers to bet on this mission of looking after the nurseries, distributing frailejones, which represents the preservation of the water resource.


The soldiers, in turn, assumed the commitment to continue a legacy of protection of life and together with children and people of the páramo, received the frailejones, vital for the conservation and of the Páramo and its surroundings. This was a very emotional moment to create a message of unity and solidarity with the páramos, which provide us with the vital liquid for humanity.


To generate awareness of this experimental and seedbed project implemented in the area by the soldier Neira and its need to work with technology it gave way to the experience of contemplation of the seed and the different stages of the nursery. To maintain biodiversity, they germinate plants in danger of extinction and reforest the region, the soldiers of the military bases have implemented seven nurseries in the military bases of the village of San Félix, Gualí, La Esmeralda, Substation, Cañaveral, El Mirador and El Bosque.


In addition, in this unit in the capital city of Caldas, they are working and using technology in a greenhouse that has planned to germinate 1,500 native trees of the region per month.


This year, the soldiers of the Ayacucho Battalion with inter-institutional operations have planted more than 3,900 thousand trees; in addition to being producing, through the forest nurseries, more than 10 thousand specimens including frailejones, wax palm, rubber and others native to the region.


In the same way, we work jointly, coordinated and inter-institutional to contribute to the preservation of the environment through the attack on the engines of deforestation, illegal mining and trafficking of fauna and flora.


Source: Press - National Army 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 By MEBS