Combates entre el Ejército y GAO-r deja en Sucre, Cauca, dos muertos en desarrollo de operaciones militares

The Third Division of the National Army dealt one of the most important blows so far this year against the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO, ‘Carlos Patiño’.


In the place known as La Cumbre village, in the municipality of Sucre, an injured person was found, who received first aid from the military men, who continue so to show respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. The person was evacuated from the sector thanks to the aircraft of the Air Assault Division that accompanied the operation at all times.


Four members of the structure were captured, three men and one woman, who will be put into custody of the authorities. In addition, war material was found, including a Galil rifle, four 5.56 caliber rifles and a 9-millimeter submachinegun.


This operation complements the 6 captures made in recent days in sectors that comprise the south of the department of Cauca. It is an important result, because with these recent operations 13 members of this residual group will no longer cause damage to the population.


Source: Third Division of the National Army


Tuesday, October 15, 2019 By merybra