Ejército destruyó, en Chocó, laboratorio ilegal que le dejaba más de 200 millones de pesos mensuales al ELN

In the area there is evidence of deforestation carried out by members of the organized armed group, GAO, ELN for the illicit plantations.


Troops of the National Army, in coordination with the police and the Attorney General's Office of the nation, in response to early warnings 066 of 2018 and 031 of 2019, dismantled a laboratory to process coca paste base in the Quebrada Larga, of the municipality of Nóvita, in the Department of Chocó. This laboratory had the capacity to produce more than half a ton of coca-based paste,  per month.


These structures left more than 200 million pesos a month to the Ernesto Che Guevara Front, of the ELN. On the site troops found abundant liquid and solid precursors used for the production of coca base paste.


Around these laboratories there is evidence of environmental damage caused by deforestation for the planting of illicit plantations, as well as contamination in soil and water sources by the dumping of chemicals and precursors for the production of coca-based paste.


Source: National Army News Agency

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 By merybra