Ejército salvó la vida de un guerrillero herido y capturó a cinco integrantes del Eln en Arauca

Military nurses, guarantors of international humanitarian law, provided first aid to a wounded guerrilla to save his life.


The military operation of the Quirón task force, of the Eighth Division, in the Department of Arauca, has led to a decisive blow against the ELN's Domingo Laín Sáenz front, with the capture of six of its members, who were perpetrating extortions, intimidations and terrorist operations against civilians and the Military Forces.


In the first military operation that took place on the village Sitaca in the municipality of Fortul, the troops engaged an armed combat with members of the “Compañero Tomás” Group, and captured four of its members, who carried long-range weapons. One of them was wounded and treated by military nurses, and then evacuated by helicopter to a hospital. In this operation the troops found three rifles, 406 cartridges of different calibers, five magazines, abundant material of military accessories for the exclusive use of force and propaganda alluding to the organized armed group; it should be mentioned that the judicial process is conducted by the specialized prosecutor's office 118 and the Judicial police (Dijín) of Saravena.


In the same way, in another military operation reported in the hamlet Perocero, Municipality of Puerto Rondón, it was possible to capture two members of the “Rafael Villamizar” Group and find a short range weapon, a magazine, 10 cartridges and a motorcycle without plates. Both those captured and the material found were put into custody of the authorities.


Source: National Army

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 By merybra