Programa Así se va a las Estrellas para niños de Solano, Caquetá

Children from 7 to 11 years old enjoyed a different activity thanks to the work that the Colombian Air Force programmed for the students of the Campo Elías Marulanda School, in Solano, Caquetá.


In the middle of the program Así se va a las Estrellas, the Air Combat Command N.6, CACOM-6, provided a unique experience to 10 children of the school, who moved along the Orteguaza River to reach the Military Air Unit, where the CACOM-6 staff was waiting for them to show them close the daily operation carried out by the men and women of the Colombian Air Force.


During the activity, led by the department of Comprehensive Action, the children knew about the Resources and aircraft CACOM-6, shared time with the military personnel, who showed the different daily tasks that are conducted in the Unit, in his turn, colonel, Ivan Meza, enjoyed a space with the children, who learned from his experience through stories and anecdotes.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force

Thursday, June 30, 2022 By merybra