Soldiers of the Second Division of the National Army, through the Fifth Brigade in conjunction with the National Navy and in coordination with the Magdalena Medio Police and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Attorney's Office, capture five individuals, apparently members of the terrorist’s support networks of the Héroes and Mártires de Santa Rosa front, of the Organized Armed Group, ELN.


The captures took place in the municipalities of Simití, San Pablo and Santa Rosa, south of Bolivar, where after intelligence and monitoring, the authorities found the individuals, who were put into prison of the judicial institution to face charges of rebellion and conspiracy to offend.


Criminal profiles


Among those captured are alias Osiris, who apparently would be the trusted person of alias Carrito, second ringleader of the Héroes and Mártires de Santa Rosa front, and who intimidated the guilds of transporters, ranchers, palm farmers and miners, to establish the extortionate payment they had to give the terrorist organization.


Alias Basilio, would have been responsible for the collection of extortions, the acquisition of war materials and military accessories for the organization, supplies purchases, and the acquisition of materials for the rudimentary manufacture of explosive devices and coordinate with firearms, ammunition and explosives traffickers.


Alias Jhon Perol, would have been in charge of procuring war materials and explosives for the Héroes and Mártires de Santa Rosa front of the Organized Armed Group (GAO) ELN, and one of the main buyers of coca paste for the organization. His place of residence was used for planning terrorist operations against the Military Forces.


Alias Mico, would have been in charge of training men to subsequently infiltrate them; transported cocaine hydrochloride from municipality of San Pablo, Bolivar, to the municipality of La Fortuna in Santander.


Finally, alias Lalo, allegedly responsible for bringing fresh food to the front's area; coordinating networks to support terrorism in the municipality of San Pablo, Bolivar; sending profiles of minors to join the ranks of the ELN; and conducting criminal intelligence for the planning of terrorist operations against the Military Forces and critical infrastructure of the state.


These capturees directly hit the ability to acquire resources and weapons for the armed organization, as well as the neutralization of its criminal intelligence tasks and its organizational capacity, reaffirming the commitment of the National Army and other authorities, to give some peace and security to the inhabitants, businessmen and farmers of this region of the country.

Source: National Army.

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