Capturado alias 'Kevin', cabecilla de la red de apoyo del Grupo Armado residual de la Estructura Primera

With this capture the GAO-r First Structure loses an important member that was intimidating the inhabitants of Guaviare.


In a joint, coordinated and inter-institutional work with the intelligence agencies and the special investigation group of the Directorate of the Technical Investigation Corps, troops of the Infantry Battalion No.24, of the Twenty-Second Jungle Brigade, captured in Puerto Zancudo, municipality of Calamar, Guaviare, alias 'Kevin' or 'Chiquitín'. He was the trusted man of alias “Iván Mordisco” and alias ‘Léiber’ or ‘Mocho’, first and fourth ringleaders, respectively, of this residual GAO.


Alias ​​‘Kevin’ or ‘Chiquitín’ had been a member of the GAO-r First Structure for 11 years. He began his criminal record in 2008 as a base guerrilla of the former First Front. In 2015 he would have participated in the criminal operation against military units in La Milagrosa sector, in the Itilla River, municipality of Calamar, in Guaviare. Product of this attack a Soldier died and three more were wounded.


This individual was in charge of the installation of improvised explosive devices, entering logistics and war material for this illegal group in the hamlets La Paz and Kuway, municipality of El Retorno, as well as in La Unión and La Reforma, Calamar, in the department of Guaviare.


According to reports, the capture was the ringleader of the terrorism support network of the residual armed group Structure First. He received the money for the group that commits crimes on the Itilla, Unilla and Barranquillita rivers. Apparently weekly he collected 400 and 600 million pesos from extortion and drug trafficking.


At the time of his capture he had a gun, with its magazine, 16 cartridges for it, more than 2 million pesos in cash and documentation of importance for military intelligence.


Alias ​​‘Kevin’ or ‘Chiquitín’ was put into custody of the Guaviare Prosecutor’s Office and will be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit crimes and illegal possession of firearms.


Source: National Army

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