Capturados dos de los implicados en el atentado terrorista contra el Grupo Aéreo del Casanare

In a coordinated operation of the Colombian Air Force with the National Police and interagency with the Attorney General's office, it was possible to identify and subsequently capture alias ‘Celino’ and alias ‘Katerin’, alleged perpetrators of the terrorist attack of January 10, 2020 against the Casanare Air Group, in which a Non-Commissioned Officer of the institution was seriously injured.


A simultaneous maneuver was carried out in Saravena, Arauca and Cúcuta, norte de Santander, to conduct the arrests of these alleged members of the Eastern war front of the organized armed group, GAO, Eln.


Those captured were taken to Yopal, Casanare, and put into custody of the s authorities and were prosecuted for the crimes of terrorism, rebellion, manufacturing, trafficking and carrying of weapons, among others; they were put into prison.


According to the investigation conducted by the authorities, they were those who made the purchase of the vehicle from which the explosive devices were launched against the Colombian Air Force base in Yopal, Casanare.


The Military Forces continue their head-on struggle against organized armed groups, who seek to hit the stability and security in different regions of the country.


Source: press-Colombian Air Force

Saturday, August 8, 2020 By merybra