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Alias ​​“Boquita” is said to be the urban ringleader of the Pablo José Montalvo Cuitiva substructure, of the Organized Armed Group, GAO,  Clan del Golfo. This would be the ninth capture related to the case of the murder of the indigenous leader Aquileo Mecheche.


In military and police operations against crime factors in the department of Chocó, and in response to early warnings No. 019, 027 and 068 of 2019, alias Boquita was captured.


The operation was carried out in the municipality known as Domingodó, in Carmen del Darién, in the department of Chocó, where troops of the National Army, with the support of the National Navy, the National Police and the Attorney General's Office, received information from the Civic Participation Network about alias Boquita, who would be in this area. He was wanted for participating in the murder of the indigenous leader Aquileo Mecheche.


Alias ​“​Boquita”, 31, has a criminal record of five years in the criminal organization. As it could be established, this criminal was in charge of the finances and illicit income of this substructure in Carmen del Darién and Riosucio; In addition, he controlled drug trafficking routes and selective assassinations.


This person had an arrest warrant for aggravated forced displacement, illegal carrying of weapons, conspiracy to commit crimes for extortion, homicide, and drug trafficking. He was put into custody of the authorities.


With this result, the logistical and financial structures of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo, which has been committing crimes in this region of the country, are heavily hit.


Source: National Army News Agency

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