Ejército realizó limpieza a fuente hídrica en la región del Catatumbo 

The activity was carried out by soldiers belonging to the Construction Engineers Battalion No.50, a military unit that is currently building the Tibú - La Gabarra highway, a road that will benefit 45,000 inhabitants.


With the aim of improving environmental conditions and reducing contamination of water sources in the Catatumbo region, troops of the Construction Engineers Battalion No.50 General Roberto Perea Sanclemente, carried out in Vetas Central, Tibú municipality, in Norte de Santander, a stream cleaning activity, as well as the planting of approximately 200 trees.


The cleaning activity began in the Caño Troce tributary, where the adequate collection, classification and process of solid waste took place, these elements had been left in the river, a source of supply for about 800 inhabitants of the hamlets Vetas Central t and Casa Zin of the Tibú municipality.


In the same way, in the sector, approximately 200 trees of different types, native to the region, were planted, which will contribute to the reconstruction of the vegetal layer hit by the indiscriminate cutting of forest.


These cleaning and reforestation activities, framed in the Artemisa operation, are scheduled to be carried out periodically in different sectors of the department of Norte de Santander, in order to improve the environmental conditions of this area of ​​the country, surrounded by two Natural parks.


Source: press - Comprehensive Action Brigade of the National Army


Tuesday, June 9, 2020 By merybra