Pilotos aviación Ejercito listos para operación San Roque

Army aviation pilots are ready for operation San Roque


The Army seeks to contribute to the preservation of the good physical condition of the inhabitants and their troops in Meta, Guaviare and Vaupés.


With Army Aviation air speakers, this Sunday in the main neighborhoods of Villavicencio, Meta, the Fourth Division seeks to reach all sectors to invite the community not to lower the guard.


Compliance with Decree 457 of the mandatory preventive isolation issued by the National Government and the San Roque Plan of the Military Forces, seeks to preserve the good physical condition of the military Forces, where each of the soldiers has adopted new protocols in food courts within the Institution and in the facilities. In the same way, it is possible maintaining the operational capacity with the permanent availability of the troops, who with constant night and day patrols control compliance with the order to remain in their houses.


Border operation controls with the troops of the Thirty-first Jungle Brigade in the department of Vaupés and the coordinated work with the Brazilian Army, and finally the support for the civil authority, in coordination with the Government institutions and permanently with the National Police it has been possible to reach the three departments, Meta, Guaviare and Vaupés.


It is an effort in which all the soldiers seek to contribute, a teamwork that is only possible if the restriction of staying home is complied.


"Operation San Roque is focused on supporting mixed patrols, security in penitentiary centers and collection centers and Comprehensive Action with tasks such as land and air loudspeakers operations, as today's exercise supported by Army Aviation that seeks to put the military Forces capabilities at the service of the community”, said the commander of the Fourth Division, Brigadier General Antonio María Beltrán Díaz.


He in the same way said that brochures have been distributed at checkpoints and food baskets with basic material of the family basket have been distributed in all three departments.


These air loudspeaker operations will continue to be conducted day and night in order to reach each family, "the message is clear, stay home, we must all protect ourselves."


Source: press - National Army

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