Ejército Nacional se unió a jornada de recolección de residuos en quebrada La Yuca en Florencia

During the activity, more than 500 kilos of garbage that had been left by bathers and visitors on the banks of the tributary were collected.


The “Fe en Colombia” program of the Sixth Division of the National Army along with the Battalion of Humanitarian Demining Engineers No.1 'Teniente Coronel Alexander Vargas Castaño', the Comprehensive Action and Development Support Battalion No.6 and the Superior Unified Corporation, conducted an environmental activity along the six kilometers of La Yuca stream.


During the activity that was aimed at preserving the place, visited every weekend by bathers, wanted to mitigate the environmental impact generated by the garbage; 531 kilos of solid waste were collected.


This point was chosen to carry out the cleaning activities, taking into account the fact that La Yuca stream is one of the tributaries of the Hacha River, the main source of water in the city that also provides with water the aqueduct that gives water to the inhabitants of the capital city of Caquetá.


Source: Comprehensive Action and Development Support Command - CAAID

Monday, November 25, 2019 By merybra