Ejército Nacional neutraliza pretensiones de los Grupos Armados Organizados residuales en el Huila

The search and control operations in the north of Huila are aimed at neutralizing the rearmament plans of the residual GAO.


The strengthening of the Civic Participation Network, added to the intelligence work and the continuous operations in the areas that have borders with the departments of Tolima and Meta, led to the Ninth Brigade through the soldiers of the Artillery Battalion No.9 ' Tenerife ', to find a clandestine hideout with elements for the homemade elaboration of rifles, neutralizing the rearmament plans of the residual organized Armed Group Sub-structure Sixth Mobile Column “Dagoberto Ramos”.


The finding was reported in the village La Florida, in Aipecito, in the municipality of Neiva, there, wrapped in black plastic and buried, the military unit through the Explosives and Demolitions Team, EXDE and supported by the trained dogs, they extracted the clandestine hideout and made the respective finding.


There were eight rifle butts, five firing mechanisms, three handles, five firing needles, three magazines, four front sight posts and two flame covers; these elements were put into custody of to the authority.


The support of the community is required by providing valuable information to counteract the operations of the violent ones and prevent the plans from destabilizing the law and order of this prosperous Department.


Source: Ninth National Army Brigade


Tuesday, February 4, 2020 By merybra