Ejército Nacional impulsa sembratón de árboles en Valledupar

The National Army, through Brigade No.10 with its Battalion of Support and Services for Combat No.10 and the Comprehensive Action Battalion No.1, joins the company Emdupar S.A. and students of the Environmental Management specialization of the University of the Andean Area, to create an environmental management plan and a citizen project of environmental education called Water Defender Club 'Water Protection Force' (Fuerza Protectora del Agua), to mitigate pollution and generate interest in the protection of the environment and its resources, under the framework of the Operation Artemisa of the National Government.


After identifying that the Cerro La Popa, the Acequia Las Mercedes and the El Eneal wetland in Valledupar each day are deteriorating more due to the contamination of the water resource with the discharge of wastewater and garbage, the project set out as objectives: the recovery of These watersheds, the reforestation of the hill to regenerate water in the water sources and the creation of green areas, so that tourists and inhabitants can enjoy activities such as hiking, appreciation of native species of fauna and flora and exercising, among others.


Given the above, the soldiers of the country accompanied by the students of 3 schools of the city, will conduct a planting of 310 native trees of the region in the military base of the Brigade No.10, in order to reforest the sector and benefit the communities surrounding the place, contributing thus to the preservation of the environment and conserve this natural reserve that is vital for the inhabitants of Valledupar.


Prior to this environmental activity, the institutions that work in coordination for the project, carried out environmental training, door-to-door visits informing citizens about the importance of taking care of their environment and the management of landfills, among other activities that have been essential for the population to have a sense of belonging for their habitat.


Source: Comprehensive Action and Development Support Command - CAAID

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 By merybra