Armada de Colombia asiste a joven extranjera en estado de embarazo

Colombian Navy men who were carrying out river inspection and control operations at the main dock of Puerto Carreño, in the department of Vichada, helped and assisted a Venezuelan girl who was in the process of giving birth. The 17-year-old girl came from Puerto Páez, Venezuela, aboard a boat accompanied by her relatives.


The pregnant child sought to reach Colombian soil in search of medical assistance. While crossing the Orinoco River in a civil boat, she began to show severe contractions and pain, which led the crew to ask for support from the navy men of the No.51 River Battalion who were there at the dock.


A mobile unit patrolling the riverbank helped with the immediate transport of the young woman to the San Juan de Dios Departmental Hospital in Puerto Carreño.


Once at the health center, she received the appropriate medical assistance, and at nine o'clock she gave birth. Both the mother of the newborn and her relatives expressed their deep gratitude to the men and women of the Colombian Navy, who, according to them, did not hesitate to provide them with the necessary support and help.


Source: Colombian Navy - Press

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 By merybra