Armada de Colombia entrega 16 toneladas de ayudas humanitarias en el Cauca  

The Colombian Navy in support of the Unit for Assistance and Comprehensive Reparation of Victims, continues to serve the communities settled in the Colombian Pacific, through its Maritime Units, which become logistics platforms for the transport of humanitarian aid.


On board the logistics support ship ARC 'Bahía Colombia', of the Pacific Naval Force, 16 tons of humanitarian aid were shipped, including furniture and school implements, non-perishable food and cleaning kits, to be distributed to five community councils based in the rural area of ​​Guapi, in the department of Cauca.


For 96 hours, the ship's crew prepared the ship for the material and sailed from Buenaventura - Valle del Cauca, for a navigation of 105 nautical miles to arrive at the dock of the municipality of Guapi and disembark the aid that was finally distributed to the Community Councils of Alto Guapi, Guapi Abajo, Río Napi, Río Guajui and Río San Fernando, and in this way benefited more than 1,000 people belonging to 62 Afro-descendant communities victims of the conflict.


Source: Pacific Naval Force

Thursday, November 21, 2019 By merybra