Armada de Colombia y Policía Nacional capturan  a 4 cabecillas del ‘Clan del Golfo’ en el Caribe

In Bolívar and Sucre, the heavy operation against the Organized Armed Groups led to the capture of the leaders in charge of disturbing security and law and order with organized criminal operations, in the Montes de María subregion.


Operations coordinated between the Colombian Navy and the National Police resulted in the capture of 19 members of the Organized Armed Group ' GAO Clan del Golfo', in the departments of Bolívar and Sucre; four leaders of the substructure 'Heroes of the Caribbean' of the illegal organization.


Among the individuals captured there is alias 'Bigote', chief ringleader, and presumed responsible for the double homicide of the Velásquez brothers, which was perpetrated in the municipality of Macayepo, the last July 13 of this year, as well as another 12 homicides through sicariate, in rural and urban areas of the departments of Bolívar and Sucre. In the same way, it was achieved the capture of alias ‘Barbas’, head of finance; alias ‘Miguel’ urban leader, and alias ‘Politician’, political leader of the organization.


This result occurs six months after the beginning of the operations that the authorities are conducting against the Organized Armed Groups in the Colombian Caribbean. It is a sample of the successful inter-institutional work between the Colombian Navy and the National Police, leading to clarify 12 homicides committed in the Montes de María subregion.


With this heavy blow to the criminal structure, criminal operations are hit, including the crimes of hired killings, extortion, forced displacement, and local drug trafficking. In the same way, it is prevented that the members of this organization exert influence on the areas consolidated by the National Government and particularly by the Military and Police Forces, being this area a place of criminal interest for the purposes of these criminal organization.


The safe environments of the Montes de María subregion help the population development, which on November 27 received an approximately 75 billion pesos of the Colombian Government to invest in road works, including The construction of a 26-kilometer road between the municipalities of Nueva Esperanza - María la Baja and Santo Domingo de Mesa - Carmen de Bolívar, benefiting more than 127,000 inhabitants.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

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