Armada de Colombia incauta pesca ilegal en el Parque Nacional Natural Uramba

The weight of this finding is more than 10 tons.


The Colombian Navy, during a maritime interception operation, achieved the discovery of more than 10 tons of illegal fishing, in a Colombian ship, when it was fishing, in a natural reserve area of ​​the Uramba National Natural Park, in Bahia Málaga, in the Colombian Pacific coast, in the Buenaventura District, department of Valle del Cauca.


The operation carried out by the Coast Guard of the Pacific Naval Force, with the information from National Natural Parks and the National Authority of Aquaculture and Fisheries - AUNAP, led to the interception of the ship “Irene”, with 11 Colombian people on board, who were carrying out fishing activities illegally, in a protected area, of the Uramba National Natural Park; the ship was brought in and taken to the port of Buenaventura.


During the inspection of the boat, 10.32 tons of illegal fishing were found.


The fishing was put into custody of the National Authority of Aquaculture and Fisheries of Buenaventura, while the crew of the boat were captured and put into custody of the Attorney General's Office.


Illegal fishing threatens the conservation of animals in Colombia and at the regional level. Its practice endangers the proper conservation of natural resources of Colombians living in the territorial sea.


Source: Colombian Navy Press

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 By merybra