Armada de Colombia incauta más de 13.000 galones de combustible ilegal en Inírida

During surveillance, interdiction and river safety operations, in the area of ​​Bocas del Río Inírida, municipality of Puerto Inírida, in the department of Guainía, Units of the Colombian Navy, belonging to the Naval Force of the East, found 13,320 gallons of fuel transported on board five boats that were sailing on the waters of the Inírida river.


The material was transported by individuals of Colombian nationality, who at the time of the inspection did not present the documents that authorize the transportation of this amount of fuel.


During the operations, no arrests were made. The fuel was put into custody of the Guainía Governorate.


The Colombian Navy, through its Units in the rivers of the Colombian East, will continue carrying out operations to guarantee human life in the rivers and also the compliance with the existing regulations for the transportation of fuel.


Source: press - Colombian Navy


Tuesday, April 21, 2020 By merybra