Armada de Colombia incauta más de 162 mil dólares en el archipiélago de San Andrés y Providencia

Controls at the sea carried out by Colombian Navy Units during a joint operation with the Colombian Air Force, led to the detection of the ship Ice Black, which sought to enter the island of San Andrés with more than $ 162,000 US dollars hidden inside.


The maritime interception operation was carried out in the Cotton Cay sector in the San Andrés Bay, at a time when a Rapid Reaction Unit of the San Andrés Coast Guard Station followed up on the suspect boat manned by two individuals who came from the island of Albuquerque. During the inspection of the rudimentary ship, 14 rectangular packages with $ 162,700 US Dollars were found by troops; according to the rate of today's market, they are equivalent to more than 588 million Colombian pesos.


During the operation, the two individuals of Colombian nationality were captured for the crime of money laundering.


The foreign currency, the individuals and the boat were put into custody of the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) - Attorney General's Office.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 By merybra