In a combined, joint and interagency maritime interception operation, Colombian Navy Units with the support of an United States maritime patrol and a National Army helicopter, achieved the interception of a semi-submarine 60 nautical miles from Tumaco, in the department of Nariño, which was carrying a shipment of 563 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, distributed in 19 bags, apparently belonging to the so called organization "Guerrillas Unidas del Pacifico", which would go the country of Mexico, where it would be commercialized.


This important blow to the finances of narcoterrorism organizations is achieved thanks to Naval Intelligence and the integration of capabilities of the Pacific Naval Force Units and air units of the Joint Interagency Workforce of the JIATFS Southern Command and the National army.


This overwhelming operation against drug trafficking has led to find more than 123 tons of cocaine hydrochloride and 14 tons of marijuana, so far this year.


During the operation three individuals of Colombian nationality were captured, who were put into custody of the Attorney General's Office.


Drug trafficking continues to be a source of funding for the criminal activities of criminal groups, as well as the acquisition of weapons, ammunition, explosives, communication equipment and military accessories, to strengthen their criminal operations, threatening, intimidating and attacking civilians; this generates significant negative effects in the country, its economy, its development, its well-being and the tranquility of all Colombians.



Source: Colombian Navy

Saturday, December 14, 2019 By johncampos