After five hours at sea they were rescued by the San Andres Coast Guard Station.


A tourist from Germany and a diving instructor, who were adrift, were rescued by Units of the Coast Guard Station of the Navy of Colombia, in an emergency that took place when they practiced sports diving, in the sector known as Reggae Best, on the island of San Andrés.


The emergency occurred, after a sea current drove the two divers away from the boat that carried them to the dive zone, drifting, three nautical miles west of Punta Sur.


Thanks to a report made by the diving company and the timely reaction of a Unit of the San Andres Coast Guard Station, a search and rescue operation began, which led to safeguarding the lives of these two men, 25 and 57 years old, who due to adverse climate conditions, remained five hours at the sea.


Once rescued, the two men were taken to the dock of the San Andres Coast Guard Station, where an ambulance with medical personnel of the Emergency Regulatory Center, coordinated by the Maritime Surveillance and Traffic Station, gave them first aid and verified their health conditions.


The Colombian Navy invites tourists and tourists service companies to take into account the recommendations issued by the Port’s authorities and the meteorological reports issued daily by the Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center of the Maritime Directorate. In the same way, the telephone line 146 or channel VHF 16 are available to the public, to report any abnormal or suspicious event that puts security and life in Colombian Caribbean waters at risk.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 By merybra