Armada de Colombia apoya la instalación de camillas y carpas en Cartagena

In the framework of the coordination of efforts of the public and private sector to support the hospital network of Cartagena, the Ministry of National Defense, through the Colombian Navy, provided 60 stretchers and four tents that will expand the coverage of patient care.


These tents were installed in the traditional San Fernando neighborhood of Cartagena, where the Colombian Navy Disaster Care and Risk Management Company, accompanied by of crew of the Cartagena Naval Hospital, carried out the work for the assembly of the structures and their correct adaptation.


With these elements, it is possible to benefit the inhabitants of the city, who will be able to use the services through the Clinic Gestion Salud, the institution in charge of the operation and patient care, after it was designated by the District Government, in charge of the Mayor of Cartagena William Dau Chamat and his advisory team of the District Administrative Department of Health - DADIS.


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Source: press - Colombian Navy

Monday, June 1, 2020 By merybra