La Fuerza Pública incauta más de 4.000 galones de combustible de contrabando

In joint and coordinated operations conducted by the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the National Police, it was possible to find 4,700 gallons of fuel transported illegally, in the departments of Sucre, Antioquia and Cesar.


The first discovery was possible at a River Control Checkpoint on the Cauca River near the municipality of Guaranda, Sucre department, where Troops of the Marine Infantry River Battalion No. 17, upon inspecting two rudimentary river boats, found Inside 720 gallons of diesel, distributed in 12 plastic barrels of 60 gallons each.


Simultaneously, in another River Control Checkpoint in the municipality of Nechí, department of Antioquia, together with Troops of the National Army, attached to the Aquiles Task Force, 480 gallons of diesel were found by troops; the fuel was transported in a metal canoe distributed in eight 60-gallon barrels.


Thanks to intelligence work, hours later in the municipality of Gamarra, in Cesar, 3,500 gallons of diesel were found by the troops. This fuel was being transported in a truck with the barrels inside; this last focused operation occurred in coordination with the Jungle Battalion No.48 and units of the National Police, of the Marte Task Force.


At the time of the three inspections, the Certificates issued by the National Narcotic Drugs Directorate, which authorizes the handling of controlled substances or chemical products, was not presented, so it is presumed that the fuel would be used for the illicit production of fuel and production of drugs for the benefit of Organized Armed Groups that commit crimes in these areas.


Although no arrests were made, all of the fuel found was put into custody of the authorities.


Source: Press - Colombian Navy

Sunday, March 22, 2020 By merybra