Thanks to the unified operation of the State with the different public and private institutions such as the National Police, Civil Defense, Corporinoquia, Yopal Sports and Recreation Institute, SENA and the program Fe en Colombia, the Bicentennial heroes of the Comprehensive Action and Development Command trained with professionals in the different disciplines of Comprehensive Action.

Implementation and modernization of home gardens, accompaniment in productive projects, interpersonal communication, care and prevention of disasters, childhood and adolescence, leadership in sports activity and directed recreation, were some of the knowledges given to these soldiers who proudly work in Comprehensive Action

These men are deployed throughout the department of Arauca, supporting the different ludic, productive and educational processes hand in hand with the other institutions of the State. Highly trained soldiers at the service of a country trained to contribute to the progress and development of the regions of the Colombian Orinoquía region, achieving closer bonds of trust with the community, carrying out social initiatives and backing community leaders, in order to benefit from the State offers to the “llanero” territory.


Source: National Army

Thursday, March 14, 2019 By Anonymous (not verified)