Contundente golpe contra estructuras del narcotráfico en el Pacífico colombiano

Joint operations in the Colombian Pacific, conducted Saturday, March 21, obtained an important result, which aimed at the discovery of an illegal boat and half a ton of cocaine hydrochloride, which criminal organizations intended to transport to Central America.


Immediately, the Colombian Air Force activated its air capabilities and carried out the interdiction by air and land of a Corvina type boat, structured with two engines, in coordination with units of the Coast Guard Station of the Navy. In Colombian waters of the Tumaco area, in Nariño, they captured two people who were aboard the motor ship.


Noticing the presence of the surface units, the individuals left the packages of hallucinogens in the sea. Inside the boat, 324 gallons of fuel were in the same way found. After the detection, the individuals and the cargo were transferred to carry out the drug testing procedures by the Attorney General's Office, to culminate their prosecution.


Source: Colombian Air Force - Press


Monday, March 23, 2020 By merybra