Con la Campaña Del Campo a tu Casa se entregaron mercados de los agricultores de Soto Norte

About 400 food baskets with products from the province of Soto Norte that were in danger to rot due to not having transportation to the city to market the products in the metropolitan area.


Soldiers of the Second Division of the National Army, through the Fifth Brigade, in coordination with the Government of Santander and the Personería de Bucaramanga, joined forces to facilitate farming families of the Province of Soto Norte, in in the department ofSantander, could get their products to the city. After the effects of the mandatory preventive isolation they could not carry out the peasant market in the different sectors of the capital city of Santander.


About 400 food baskets were distributed door to door in the metropolitan area, through the campaign “from the country lands to your house”, an initiative that helps mobilize and distribute products grown by 60 farming families in the region, who for For several weeks, had reported the loss of their plantations due to not having the means to transport them.


Source: press - National Army

Thursday, April 16, 2020 By merybra