In order to support and strengthen the fish sector of the department of Casanare, the program Fe En Colombia, the National Army, the National Police and the municipal mayor's office, joined forces and carried out this important event called 'Nothing like fish in Holy Week'.


From early on, little by little, fish farmers arrived from Pore, Morichal, La Porfia and other places to provide their products, including cachama, mojarra, catfish, bochachico and traditional dried fish. Buyers enjoy a wide variety of fish and comfortable prices.


Casanare fish farmers thanked the program for its constant support in this type of events that benefit the small, medium and large businessman.


Yober Lozano, one of the participants of the fair, said: "We are in this fair thanks to the program Fe En Colombia, very grateful because we are working hand in hand with them here today to sell our fish."


In the same way, representatives of the City Hall are grateful for the interinstitutional work of Fe En Colombia in the Colombian Orinoquía, for the benefit of the community. Erika Rativa, Professional of the Office of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, said: "Thanks to this coordination, we managed to bring our fish farmers today, to sell their products at a very good price and 100% fresh."


Source: Comprehensive Action and Development Support Command - CAAID

Monday, April 15, 2019 By merybra