In joint and coordinated operations, in the village Carguero in the municipality of Nechí, in the department of Antioquia, seven alleged criminals belonging to the substructure 'Francisco José Morelo Peñate' of the Organized Armed Group, GAO, Clan del Golfo, were captured. In the same way troops reported the destruction of 44 dredges that were used for the illegal exploitation of mining deposits in the lower Cauca, in the department of Antioquia.


In this operation, Black Hawk helicopters of the Air Combat Command No.5, conducted the disembarkation of the troops on these illegal mining targets, and high technology Remotely Manned Aircraft were also useful for the permanent monitoring of the operation.


This operation was carried out by the Colombian Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the National Police and the Prosecutor. It was possible to hit by more than five billion pesos the criminal substructure, weakening their finances.


The Colombian Air Force continues to conduct permanent operation against the illegal mining, protecting in this way the natural resources of the country.


Source: Colombian Air Force

Monday, May 27, 2019 By Comunicaciones (not verified)