Primera mujer comandante de compañía de la Escuela Militar de Cadetes

It is the first time that a woman is in charge of leading a cadet company in this academy.


Captain Laura Saraza Mendoza, leads the young people who are being trained as officers, in the Junín company, who are currently studying the fourth level at the General José María Córdova Military Cadet School.


The military woman behind the uniform is Miss Laura Beatriz Saraza Mendoza born in the city of La Dorada, Caldas, 30 years old, who entered the Institution in 2010 with only 17 years. Since her rank as an officer, she has conducted different missions entrusted to her by the higher command, including platoon commander in the rank of lieutenant in this alma mater of the National Army.


Her family is made up of her father Mr. Elmer Saraza Herrera and her mother Mrs. Lucy Mendoza Gallego to whom she thanks for their commitment and effort, since, thanks to their effort she was able to achieve her dream of being an officer.


From her expertise, Captain Laura Saraza, will contribute to the training of these young people who are being trained as future officers of the National Army and she hopes to transmit all her knowledge, so that they are complete and respectful of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.


The captain's long-term dream is to reach the rank of general of the National Army and leave her family name at the top.


Like this story, the National Army has many more, thanks to the incorporation of women into its ranks. Today, in addition to taking a course as an officer or non-commissioned officer, women can serve voluntary their military service.


Source: Press – National Army


Monday, January 23, 2023 By merybra