Contundente golpe a Grupos Armados Organizados residuales en Nariño

The heavy operation carried out by Colombian Navy Units, attached to the Hercules Joint Stabilization and Consolidation Task Force in Tumaco and Nariño rural areas, led to the capture of five members of Organized Armed Groups, residual GAO, the recovery of a minor and the discovery of war material and military accessories, in three simultaneous military operations.


The first blow was reported when troops of the Navy Infantry Battalion No.40 and the Military  Gaula  (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) in conjunction with troops of the National Army and in coordination with the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Attorney General's Office, by means of search warrants in the Imbilí municipality, in Tumaco, achieved the capture in flagrance of alias 'Pepe', second chief of finances of the Residual organized Armed Group 'Los Contadores' and alias 'York', in charge of security and head of assassins of this structure.


During this operation troops found a rifle, a gun, two shotguns, a conditioned tube for launching of explosive devices, magazines and ammunition of different calibers. Similarly, it was possible to find approximately 24 kilos of marijuana, a kilo of cocaine hydrochloride, a motorcycle, clothes for exclusive use by the Military Forces, six cell phones and cash.


Simultaneously, the second blow was dealt in the urban area of ​​the municipality of Tumaco, when members of the Military Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) and Police Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) with the support of units of the Coast Guard Station, by search warrant issued by the 27th Prosecutor's Office in Tumaco. Troops arrived at a house in the Fatima neighborhood, where three individuals, 21, 24 and 26, were captured in flagrance. They had in their possession a rifle, two guns, a fragmentation grenade, a radio, cartridges and magazines of different calibers. These individuals, members of the Residual Organized Armed Group “Oliver Sinisterra,” are responsible for extortion, murder and kidnapping of guilds of merchants, transporters, farmers, fishermen and service stations, in this sector of Tumaco.


During this operation, a child under 17 was recovered and put into custody of the Children and Adolescents Police.


The third operation was possible in the mouths of the Telembí river, during a search and river control, conducted by troops of the Navy Infantry Battalion No.15, who found a boat with several individuals who, when noticing the presence of the navy undertook the escape. At the time of the search, a rifle, two grenade launchers, eight meters of detonating cord, 100 grams of gunpowder, cartridges and magazines of different calibers and military accessories were found inside the boat.


These operations represent a resounding blow to the criminal structures of residual organized armed groups that commit crimes in the department of Nariño, these groups have been confronting each other for the control of drug trafficking routes and areas for illegal mining, a situation that creates fear among civilians, as happened recently in the Consejo Comunitario Unión del Río Chagüí and in the Telembí Triangle.


Source: Pacific Naval Force


Monday, January 27, 2020 By merybra