Vichada. In the morning of December 24, two Colombian mothers received a surprise phone call that filled their hearts with happiness and they felt that the birth of the child Jesus had brought them the best present: the Commander of the Colombian Air Force, General Ramsés Rueda Rueda, invited them to spend Christmas with their sons, aviation soldiers who serve their military service at the base of Marandúa, in the department of Vichada.


Graciela Castellanos and Yeimi Marroquín, who had not seen their sons for several months, did not hesitate to accept the invitation and prepared their baggage. The Air Force picked them up at their houses, one in the south and one in the west of Bogotá, to take them to CATAM air base where they boarded the plane, together with the Air Force Commander, who for the second consecutive year, decided to spend Christmas with his soldiers, in the most remote regions of the country, this time in the Eastern Air Group, GAORI.


At 672 kilometers in a straight line from Bogotá, they arrived at the base after an hour and fifteen minutes of flight in a VIP transport plane; there they received a special assistance and enjoyed the service on board, accompanied by the words of gratitude of the General Rueda Rueda, who recognized the value and good conductance of their sons during their military service.


Full of excitement and gratitude for this great opportunity, the two women expressed the happiness of knowing that they would spend Christmas Eve with their children and that they would be accompanied by the air family in a majestic landscape, which they only knew through photographs, since the only way to get there is by air.


The soldiers at the base knew that the commander of the Air Force would spend Christmas with them, but the surprise was when they saw their mothers in the dining room and ran to hug them, unable to explain, how it was possible. General himself announced the event at the premises and the tears of happiness mixed with the applause of everyone were seen.


Source: Colombian Air Force.

Saturday, December 28, 2019 By catadel