Vuelo humanitario beneficia a jóvenes universitarios de la Isla de San Andrés

Heeding the call of the island and Raizal people, 27 university students who needed to get to Barranquilla and Bogotá to resume their professional studies, flew from the Island of San Andrés in the C-40 aircraft of the Colombian Air Force.


Due to economic limitations to acquire an air ticket, the Islanders made an appeal to the Ministry of National Defense and the Colombian Air Force, who, upon knowing the need, arranged an aircraft to transport the students, who arrive at their destinations on time to start their university semesters.


At the Military Transport Air Command-CATAM in Bogotá, the aircraft took off for the Caribbean Air Group, on the Island of San Andrés, where it arrived as a symbol of hope for young islanders and raizales who dream of being professionals and serving the country from their professional training.


The Colombian Air Force ratifies its commitment to the Raizal and Islander inhabitants, through the Caribbean Air Group, which has been providing support, carrying out aeromedical evacuations and strengthening security on the Island of San Andrés for 41 years.


Source: Press – Colombian Air Force

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 By merybra