The operations are concentrated in the 37 municipalities of the Department, in order to safeguard inhabitants and visitors during the festivities of San Pedro.


The operations of the Ninth Brigade of the National Army, to shield the Department and strengthen the security climate, providing confidence to inhabitants of the department and tourists during the Fifty-ninth Folkloric Festival and National contest of Bambuco (traditional dance), have led to obtain important results in the week between June 10 and 17.


The combined, coordinated and interagency operations led to the detention of a total of 13 individuals for crimes such as robbery, homicide, violation and trafficking, manufacture and possession of narcotics.


In the framework of operations to confront drug trafficking, it was possible to find 2.5 kilos, including marijuana and coca base paste. Two people were captured; they tried to transport drugs using different modalities by the highways in the department of Huila.


Along with the operations to combat common crime, the operations have focused on neutralizing the plans of the Residual Organized Armed Groups, which today translates into the neutralization of three anti-personnel mines and the finding of an illegal hideout with explosive material.


In the middle of the mountain plants, the military unit found the hiding place in which troops found 20 kilos of explosive Anfo, 10 kilos of Urea, three improvised explosive devices, ready to be planted and seven containers in PVC material for the production of more illegal traps of war.


Source: Ninth Brigade - National Army

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