Intentó sobornar a los soldados para pasar 625 kilos de marihuana

One of the individuals tried to give money to the commander of the checkpoint. 10 to 15 million pesos for allowing them to reach their destination with the shipment of marijuana.


The rigorous controls on roads in the south of Huila, led units of the Infantry Battalion No.27 'Magdalena' of the Ninth Brigade with the support of the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps), to thwart the plans of drug trafficking groups, to take the marijuana to the interior of the country; the cargo was approximately 625 kilos de marihuana.


The experience and sagacity of the soldiers led them to conduct a millimeter inspection on a truck in which meat was transported, managing to discover in baskets and covered with black plastic, 599 packages. The search led to establish that the packages contained 625 kilos that placed in the illegal market would costs up to 500 million pesos.


The driver was captured in flagrance, he identified as Alejandro Ramos Arias. However, when they were in the procedure of capture and immobilization of the vehicle, the illegal substance and the meat products, a man appeared in the place, who identified himself as Juan Carlos Giraldo Nasayo, claiming to be the owner of the truck; he offered to pay the commander of the checkpoint 10 and 15 million pesos for the permission to continue the voyage.


Immediately the second man was in the same way captured for traffic, manufacturing and carrying of narcotics with the aggravating crime of bribery.


Source: Ninth Brigade - National Army

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